About SCR Swedish Camping

SCR Swedish Camping, the National Swedish Campsite Association, was founded in 1967 and is the industry trade organization for campsite owners in Sweden. We help our members improve their business through marketing and business development. SCR Swedish Camping operates Camping.se, Sweden’s largest website for booking of camping holidays, and Camping Key Europe, a customer card offering discounts at 2,500 campsites in Europe.

SCR Swedish Camping works to develop and improve the visitor experience at campsites in Sweden, and collaborates with industry and tourism organisations in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. SCR Swedish Camping is a member of Nordiskt Campingråd, EFCO&HPA (the European Federation of campingsite Organisations and Holiday Park Associations) and Svensk Turism.

As a member of SCR Swedish Camping, the campsite follows rules and guidelines aimed at ensuring that guests enjoy a safe and pleasant stay. This covers a wide range of aspects, from fire safety and playground inspection to guest service and enterprise.

You can find more information about the camping industry on SCR.se