Safe booking & Safe stay

We, and Sweden’s campsites, always do everything we can so you can book and plan your holiday as easily and free of risk as possible. Travelling with your own car is a great advantage as you can control your accommodation and local environment. It’s also easy to reduce the number of contacts and keep a distance.


Following the industry’s trade association guide
To ensure a safe environment for both guests and staff, the campsites at have adapted their facilities to the new situation. All campsites have taken note of the guidelines developed by the industry’s trade association SCR Svensk Camping to create a safe holiday experience.


Safe booking & Safe stay

1. Always on a 24-hour sale or return basis

2. Free rebooking up to 7 days before arrival

3. Flexible booking terms

4. All campsites at are members of SCR Svensk Camping and follow the recommendations for a safe stay.

5. Accident insurance is always included with Camping Key Europe for you and your family during your stay.